E-Gal Designs & Bookkeeping

Helping your business to soar!

Are you...

  • Feeling overwhelmed and buried under a pile of financial paperwork?
  • Confused as to what Canada Revenue's expectations are?
  • Looking for ways to save money and increase your profit in your business?
  • Feeling like you don't have enough hours in your day to get all your business tasks done? 
  • Looking for a cost effective way to keep everything running smoothly in the financial department?

For many small business owners, bookkeeping can be a daunting and even overwhelming task that takes up hours of your time and keep you from doing what you want the most in your business...making money.  E-Gal Designs can take the pressure off and handle all your bookkeeping needs for you!  

We specialize in...

  • On-site Bookkeeping - We come right to your business on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even annual basis depending on your needs
  • Invoicing & Monthly Statements 
  • Payroll & Payroll advice 
  • Government Remittance Calculation (Payroll, GST, RST) (On-time remittances save you from paying interest & penalties) 
  • WSIB Remittance Calculation & advice
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable service including cheque writing 
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Reporting (helps you track where your money is coming from & where it's going) 
  • Advice regarding Income & Expense Flow Management
  • Working with your Accountant for fiscal year-end reporting 
  • Troubleshooting & advice on how to avoid common reporting errors  

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